Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Build, Dogs, Build: A Tall Tail

Submitted by Ms. Janis!
Build, Dogs, Build: A Tall Tail by James Horvath is an amazing picture book about a team of working dogs who are destroying an old building to build a new one. The dogs - Roxy, Buddy, Max, Spot, and Spike, with their foreman Duke - will use cranes, bulldozers, dump trucks, and cement mixers to do perfect construction work. There is so much work to do! The only question is whether all of it will be done on time? Will all their work be finished as planned, so the dogs can take well-deserved rest before moving on to a new work adventure? Horvath has one cute black cat hiding somewhere in all the pictures. Your child will enjoy looking for the cat on each page. His book is full of humor due the rhyming text and funny pictures that show our heroes in action. Horvath’s book carries some nice lessons for young readers, such as the importance of teamwork, adherence to agreement, not giving up because of difficulties, and others, that increase the educational value of this book. See this book listed in our catalog

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