Monday, February 10, 2014

A Birthday for Cow!

Submitted by Ms. Carol!
A Birthday for Cow by Jan Thomas is a story about throwing a friend a birthday party. It's Cow's birthday, and Pig and Mouse want to make it Cow's best ever. They decide to bake Cow a delicious birthday cake but Duck wants to help too. Duck thinks the birthday cake for Cow should include a turnip, but Pig and Mouse disagree. Duck is very determined and really wants Pig and Mouse to add a turnip to the ingredients. Pig and Mouse think Duck is crazy and they do not add the turnip to the cake. Finally they finish their beautiful, delicious birthday cake for Cow and they are ready to surprise Cow. As Cow comes in he sees Pig and Mouse with the birthday cake and he sees Duck with the turnip. Cow is so excited he says this is his best birthday ever as he reaches for the delicious turnip! Pig and Mouse can't believe it, but its alright because Cow is happy enjoying his turnip and Pig and Mouse are happy enjoying their delicious cake. See this book listed in our catalog

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