Friday, February 21, 2014

Max and the Tag-along Moon

Submitted by Ms. Amy!
Max and the Tag-along Moon by Floyd Cooper. Max loves visiting his Granpa. When it’s time for Max to go home, Granpa hugs Max while they look at the beautiful full moon. Granpa tells Max that the moon will always shine for him. During the car ride home, Max watches to see if Granpa was right. It’s true--no matter which way Max’s car turns, the moon does seem to follow them! Suddenly dark clouds cover the moon! Max is disappointed. Granpa promised that the moon would always shine for Max. Soon it’s time for bed, and Max feels sad. He misses Granpa, and the moon. Will the moon come back? This a sweet story to share with little ones at bed time, with softly illuminated pictures in night time colors. See this book listed in our catalog

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mole's Babies

Submitted by Ms. Tammy!
Mole’s Babies by David Bedford. One morning Morris finds Mini cleaning their molehill. She is getting ready for the arrival of their babies! Morris loves babies and decides he needs to go visit the barnyard to find out how to make babies happy. He find bunnies are very happy hopping, so Morris gives this a try, but lands on his nose. Then he finds flapping chicks. Morris tries to flap but lands on his head. Next he tries splashing like the ducks, and that doesn't work either. After returning home Morris finds Mini with three beautiful babies ready to cuddle and kiss their daddy. Morris finally figures out all babies need to be happy is a lot of love! See this book listed in our catalog

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Big Bad Bunny

Submitted by Ms. Catherine!
In Big Bad Bunny written Franny Billingsley, and illustrated by G. Brian Karas, Mother Mouse knows that all of her children must be tucked into bed at night. But as she kisses each of her little ones goodnight, the Big Bad Bunny rampages through the forest. Mother Mouse is surprised to find that her littlest one, Baby BooBoo, isn’t in bed. Could this have something to do with the Big Bad Bunny? In this sweet, funny story Baby BooBoo decides that she is tired of being a baby and wants to be taken seriously. Of course, when the Big Bad Bunny realizes that she is all alone and lost, she wants her Mommy just like always. Parents and children alike will enjoy this sweet story filled with funny illustrations that show how even when you want to be grown up, there is nothing better than your mommy. See this book listed in our catalog

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Little Blue Truck

Submitted by Ms. Brenda!
In Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle, we meet Blue. Blue likes to bump along old country roads, taking time to greet his many animal friends along the way. The horse, sheep, duck, and other friends love to greet Blue as he rambles by. “Neigh, Baa, Quack” say his friends. “Beep” replies Blue. All is well, until out of nowhere a great big dump truck yells “HONK! Coming through! I haven’t got time to pass the day with every duck along the way!” And without slowing down, he roars past Blue and his friends. The dump truck learns an important lesson about being kind when he gets stuck in a puddle of mud and only Blue stops to help him. Blue tries with all his might to un-stick the dump truck, but ends up getting stuck himself! When Blue cries out for help, his many friends come to his rescue. The dump truck decides that it’s time to slow down, be kind, and make some friends. Filled with animal sounds and a slow paced rhyming rhythm, Little Blue Truck teaches a valuable lesson in the importance of friendship. See this book listed in our catalog

Friday, February 14, 2014

(The 2013 Cybils Award Winning) Mr. Tiger Goes Wild

Ms. Tess had the esteemed honor to serve as a judge for the 2013 Cybils Awards, literary awards given each year by the blogging community. She helped judge the Fiction Picture Book Category, and the winner was Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown!
Mr. Tiger lives in a very proper world, with top hats and everything, and everyone is just fine with the way things are, thank you very much. Except for Mr. Tiger. Mr. Tiger is bored. He wants to have some fun. One day he decides he will be WILD! As Mr. Tiger gets wilder, and wilder, his friends find him more and more peculiar! They finally tell him, "If you must act so wild, kindly do so in the wilderness!" Mr. Tiger's response? "What a magnificent idea!" and off the jungle he runs, to run through fields, climb trees, swim in the river, and ROAR! But Mr. Tiger is a bit lonely. He misses his friends in the city, so he decides to go back, and finds that things have changed a little since he left... This is a heart warming book about being yourself! See this book listed in our catalog
Tess would like to take this time to thank her fellow judges, who made the experience so wonderful, and encourage you to visit their blogs! Thank you Jane Breen, Maria Burel, Myra Garces-Bacsal, Kerry Millar, and our magnanimous chair woman Pam Coughlan! Also, check out the other finalist books, that were so close to winning: Count the Monkeys by Mac Barnett, If You Want to See a Whale by Julie Fogliano, Journey by Aaron Becker, Open This Little Book by Jesse Klausmeier, Sophie's Squash by Pat Zietlow Miller, and The Bear's Song by Benjamin Chaud.
Oh, and happy Valentines Day everybody!

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Submitted by Ms. Allana!
Bluebird by Bob Staake is a very touching and beautiful wordless book. The boy in the story is lonely, has very few friends, and seems unhappy, until the day a little bluebird appears. The bluebird waits for the boy after school, and follows him through the city. Although the other boys and girls tend to ignore the boy, and don’t invite him to play, he has acquired a new and unusual friend! They play hide and seek together, they walk through the park and play sail boats with some younger children. Unfortunately, they also meet some mean kids there... The amazing technique of the artist fully captivates the “reader” who can share this book in their own unique way with a young preschool aged child. See this book listed in our catalog

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Invisible Boy

Submitted by Ms. Carol!
The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig, illustrated by Patrice Barton, is a story that is good for a child who is quiet, and shy, and maybe has a hard time making friends. The story is about a little boy named Brian. Brian is very quiet and really just stays to himself. He is always the one that gets picked last for kickball, or maybe doesn't even get picked at all. He is the one that eats lunch all alone and listens to stories about birthday parties that he wasn't invited to. He is the one that plays by himself at recess. He feels invisible. One day a new boy comes to Brian's school. The new boy is laughed at by the other children at first. Brian tries to make the new kid feel better by sending him a note, and the new boy starts talking to Brian. Of course, now the other kids accept the new boy. and Brian is left out again... Or so he thinks. Then the new boy starts to include Brian in the activities. He invites him to sit with him and the other kids at lunch, and he invites him to be in his group for their special project. Brian starts to fit in and he finally feels like he is no longer invisible. The book has great illustration: Brian is all in black and white at the beginning of the story, but he gradually has color added to him, and in the end he is shown in full color like all the other children. This is a great story to share with a child who may be having trouble fitting in. See this book listed in our catalog

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Noni Is Nervous

Submitted by Ms. Catherine!
Noni Is Nervous by Heather Hartt-Sussman and illustrated by Genevieve Coté. Everything makes Noni nervous. Bossy friends, global warming, possible accidents – anything could go wrong at any moment. But most of all, Noni is nervous about the first day of school. She is sure that she will get lost or that she will never make a single friend. Noni’s family is sure if she stops being nervous, everything will be fine. However, this is more easily said than done. In this sweet and funny story Noni slowly learns that school can be fun and that she doesn’t have all that much to be nervous about. With engaging illustrations and text, this can be a wonderful book for any child who is a little unsure about their first day of school. See this book listed in our catalog

Monday, February 10, 2014

A Birthday for Cow!

Submitted by Ms. Carol!
A Birthday for Cow by Jan Thomas is a story about throwing a friend a birthday party. It's Cow's birthday, and Pig and Mouse want to make it Cow's best ever. They decide to bake Cow a delicious birthday cake but Duck wants to help too. Duck thinks the birthday cake for Cow should include a turnip, but Pig and Mouse disagree. Duck is very determined and really wants Pig and Mouse to add a turnip to the ingredients. Pig and Mouse think Duck is crazy and they do not add the turnip to the cake. Finally they finish their beautiful, delicious birthday cake for Cow and they are ready to surprise Cow. As Cow comes in he sees Pig and Mouse with the birthday cake and he sees Duck with the turnip. Cow is so excited he says this is his best birthday ever as he reaches for the delicious turnip! Pig and Mouse can't believe it, but its alright because Cow is happy enjoying his turnip and Pig and Mouse are happy enjoying their delicious cake. See this book listed in our catalog

Friday, February 7, 2014

All Kinds of Kisses

Submitted by Ms. Jill!
All Kinds of Kisses by Nancy Tafuri. “Little ones love kisses,” declares the first page of this lovely and loving book. Set on a farm, each watercolor-and-pencil page shows a baby animal and its parent, and describes what kind of kisses each little one loves to get: Little chick loves “Cheep” kisses; little calf loves “Mooo” kisses, etc. The richly detailed illustrations invite close study; observant readers will notice that one full day passes between the sunrise greeted with a rooster’s crow, and the moonrise on the final page where a human mother kisses her sleeping toddler. A bluebird appears somewhere on each page, many previously-featured animals re-appear in the background, and the farmer is busy with chores in the distance. This sweet and simple book is perfect to share with your little one just before a kiss good-night. See this book listed in our catalog

Thursday, February 6, 2014

View from a Zoo

Submitted by Ms. Janis!
View from a Zoo by Artie Knapp is a fantastic, creative story, with a timeless message for children who complain that they are bored and do not have anything to do. Thea is a house cat who seems to have it all. She has a warm home, plenty of food, and a family that loves her. But something is missing in her life. Where is the excitement? She leaves her nice, warm house for an adventure! At the Bronx Zoo, Thea met Vern the lion who teaches her about imagination. This book certainly opens windows to many stories! See this book listed in our catalog

A Hug for You

Submitted by Ms. Brenda!
In A Hug for You, by Margaret Anastas, we follow a duckling from friend to friend, and explore many different huggable situations: You may not have won the race, but you’ve earned a hug for trying! You wrote your own name, or you played a great game. There are all kinds of reasons to give hugs. You’re sad, or happy, or getting so tall, or for no reason at all! This is a great lap book to snuggle up with and the illustrations, by Susan Winter, are soft and warm, and sure to inspire a cuddle or two. See this book listed in our catalog

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

When Lions Roar

Submitted by Ms. Melissa!
When Lions Roar by Robie H. Harris is a book about a little boy afraid of loud noises. These noises make the world seem “scary,” and are sometimes unavoidable. So, what’s a little boy to do? He tells them to go away, and when he does…the sun comes out, the world is quiet, and everything is okay. This book can give caregivers the opportunity to discuss with their children what makes them “afraid” or “scared.” Together they can come up with a plan on how to deal with these situations. To add to the discussion, they could draw pictures together of what they find “scary” and “calm,” just like the illustrations in the book. Or, they could have a puppet show using stuffed animals to act out the scary and calm things they read about. Regardless of how this book is used, whether it’s simply read or used to discuss emotions, the simple, compassionate, and practical way the book addresses fear, will help young children learn to cope with the “scary” in their world. The crayon and watercolor pictures by Chris Raschka compliment the simplicity of the story and make it easy for young children to follow. Recommended for all those afraid of something. See this book listed in our catalog
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