Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snog the Frog

Submitted by Ms. Carol!
Snog the Frog by Tony Bonning is a fairy tale story about a frog who wants to be a prince. Today is Frog's birthday and he wishes he could be a prince, but to be a prince he needs a kiss. Frog decides to go searching for a kiss so his wish will come true. He first sees Cow and he asks Cow for a kiss. Cow refuses. He hip hops along until he runs into Sheep. He asks Sheep for a kiss. Sheep also refuses. He continues on and asks Snake and then Pig for a kiss. They both refuse. He then comes across a princess. The princess says she has heard about this in fairy tales and says with one kiss he should turn into a handsome prince. She agrees to kiss Frog. She kisses him and nothing happens. Frog convinces her to try again and again but still nothing. The princess gets very aggravated and refuses to try anymore. She tells the frog she has tried and tried and he has not turned into a handsome prince. Frog says she is right, but he is happy, because he feels like a prince! See this book listed in our catalog

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Oliver and his Alligator

Submitted by Ms. Catherine!
Going to school for the first time can be a scary experience for children. However, if you have an alligator, school can be much less scary.  In Oliver and his Alligator, written and illustrated by Paul Schmid, Oliver isn’t sure if he is brave enough for school. Therefore, he does what any logical child would do – he invites an alligator to accompany him on this first frightening day. When a woman who is definitely not Oliver’s mom asks for his name, Oliver can’t remember, so instead he says “Munch Munch!” and the alligator gets a little fuller. When the children in the room are a bit noisier than Oliver likes, the alligator just needs to “munch munch!” again for everything to be much quieter. Now that everything is quiet, and Oliver’s Alligator is much plumper, Oliver is ready for school to begin. However, now he notices that school isn’t quite so much fun without anyone with whom he can play. Oliver decides that maybe he wants to be munched too! With soft colors and broad lines, the illustrations of this book perfectly capture Oliver’s worry and his need for an alligator protector. This sweet, funny book would be a wonderful way to help a child who is worried about that first day of school see that everything will be just fine, and it’s always okay to take an alligator with you (at least in your imagination). See this book listed in our catalog

Monday, January 27, 2014

Big Snow

Submitted by Ms. Sue!
In Big Snow, by Jonathan Bean, David asks his mom, "When will it snow?" "I think soon," says Mom. She suggests that David help make cookies with her, but the flour and sugar remind David of snow, so he runs outside to see if it’s snowing yet. Meanwhile Mom cleans up the mess David made with the cookie ingredients. David sees small white flakes falling softly! More excited, David rushes inside to ask his Mom how much snow will they get? Mom suggests another chore that he can help with while he’s waiting for the snow. David starts helping with chores, but each time something reminds him of snow and he rushes out again to check on its progress. Finally David falls asleep and dreams of snow, to be awakened by his dad coming home early from work because of a "big snow!" See this book listed in our catalog

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Over and Under the Snow

Submitted by Ms. Amanda!
Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner is a cute story of a boy and his father skiing through the woods to find animals that live both over and under the snow in the winter. They find a whole secret kingdom that keeps small forest animals safe and warm, from the tiny shrew, to the deer mice and bull frogs. Each animal is shown in beautiful illustrations hibernating below the snow and skis of the boy. Over the snow they find the tracks of a deer, the gaze of an owl, and the flash of a snowshoe hare as they swoosh along in their winter wonderland. The animals included range from common to more rare. I love the lessons it teaches about how even tiny bees hibernate, as well as animals as big as bears. This book is fun to read and name each animal you see (and learn some new names as you go). Great illustrations and an upbeat tempo make it a great read aloud for a group as well. See this book listed in our catalog

Monday, January 20, 2014

Wrong Way

Submitted by Ms. Janis!
Wrong Way by Mark Macleod & Judith Rossell. Great duck names like Right Way, Your Way, and Wrong Way start this fun tale off just right, and clearly let the reader know this book is all about learning which way is right. What happens to the one duck, Wrong Way, who wants to be different? Wrong Way is stubborn, curious, and mischievous. Mama Duck pampers him. She gives him a ride as disaster strikes, and Wrong Way is tossed off his mother's back! But this time, Mama and her other ducklings will not wait, so Wrong Way must decide if he will do things right. When Wrong Way waddles to catch up, readers believe he just might have learned his lesson. Until they discover that Wrong Way is splashing into the pond differently, swimming on his back and following Mama the way he wants to. Unlike the other ducklings, he is simply different, and discovers that sometimes "the wrong way to do things turns out to be just right!" See this book listed in our catalog


Submitted by Ms. Melissa!
In the book Seasons, by Anne Crausaz, readers will indulge their senses as they imagine the smells, tastes, sounds, and sights of spring, summer, fall and winter. The vivid illustrations take the reader on a visual ride through the seasons, exploring the colors of spring time, summer nights, foggy fall days, and crisp winters. Children will begin observing these elements in their outdoor play, discovering the changes that occur in a year. It will also give them ideas on how to interact with nature, like jumping in a pile of leaves, or smelling verbena and tomatoes growing in a garden. Regardless the age of the reader, this book will stimulate the senses and transport you to the seasons. See this book listed in our catalog

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Whole Night Through

Submitted by Ms. Allana!
The Whole Night Through by David Frampton is a beautifully written and illustrated rhyming book for young lap readers or preschoolers. The woodcut pictures are captivating and full of detail and wonder. The tiger doesn’t want to fall asleep, and he visits all the other creatures in the jungle as “The moon’s sweet lullaby of light falls softly through the jungle night down past the leafy bongo tree.” The rhino, the crocodile and the cockatoo, to name a few, are the beautifully carved images which grace the pages of this book. The color and tones are simply mesmerizing. There are so many interactive elements of this book that can be shared with a child, and can be used for different aspects of early literacy. For example, “How many birds are on this page? Or how many stars do you see?” I think my favorite is the monkey dreaming of bananas. I don’t know why I am just discovering this picture book, but now I hope many more of you will. See this book listed in our catalog

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Daisy Gets Lost

Submitted by Ms. Catherine!
In 2012, Chris Raschka won the Caldecott medal for his book A Ball for Daisy. Raschka gives us another delightful book about the wonderful dog Daisy in Daisy Gets Lost.  In this nearly wordless book, Daisy and her owner play in the park with Daisy’s beloved ball. But when a squirrel leads Daisy on a merry chase, she finds herself quite lost in a dark and scary forest. Luckily, Daisy’s owner isn’t too far away, and with a loud “awoooooooooo” howl, everyone is reunited and safe at the end. Raschka manages to tell an exciting story with hardly any words throughout the entire book. His illustrations are warm and full of life, and will be engaging to parents and children alike. See this book listed in our catalog

Friday, January 10, 2014

Hiding Phil

Submitted by Ms. Tess!
It's hard to cover up an elephant in the room, as the young protagonists of Eric Barclay's charming book Hiding Phil discover. Three children (and their trusty dachshund) find an elephant at the bus stop! His name is Phil, and he is awesome at playing. He's great at skipping rope. His trunk is his own personal slide. He can't be beat on the seesaw. Everyone just loves Phil. Except maybe Mom and Dad. And here they come now! The kids desperately try to hide Phil, but he won't fit in the dog house, and he sneezes under the big pile of leaves. Maybe if they disguise him as a club house, the parents will be fooled. No such luck! The elephant has to go. But maybe our friends can still avoid having to say goodbye to Phil forever... Look for this fun, brightly illustrated story at the library today! See this book listed in our catalog
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