Thursday, December 19, 2013

Snow Angels, Snow Puppy, and My Little Polar Bear

Submitted by Ms. Allana!
Three cute books for the winter/holiday season:
Snow Angels by Angel Randall, illustrated by Brandon Dorman. This story begins with one friend helping another. With the assistance of little helpers that only these two young girls can see, the two set out to help others in their neighborhood! At each location they are joined by a band of angels who help and encourage the girls to carry out all their good will. It feels so good to help other people at this festive time of year, so much so that they decide to continue their good work all year long! With a play on the words “snow angel” the author has taken the meaning to a higher level, and in this delightful picture book, shows how two friends can become like real angels, not only in winter, but during every season. See this book listed in our catalog
Snow Puppy by Marcus Pfister. Rascal is normally a contented happy pup, but today he is feeling a little out of sorts. His friend Sophie is off to town shopping with her parents, and Rascal is left behind. When he notices the white fluffy stuff floating around outside the window, his loneliness becomes excitement and intrigue. He remembers seeing white fluffy stuff once before, when he playfully tore open a pillow, but this stuff is somehow different. Once outside, he realizes how different, and how much fun it is to play in. When Rascal becomes lost after chasing a bunny through the woods, his joy and excitement turn to fear. A kind stranger is nearby however, and we soon discover how he saves the day! This is a sweet story about an adorable puppy who will steal the hearts of readers of every age. See this book listed in our catalog
My Little Polar Bear by Claudia Rueda. “Don’t worry little one, I will stay with you, and I will teach you what polar bears need to know.” A young cub is learning how to be a polar bear from his mother.  He has no confidence at first, and doesn’t believe he can swim well enough, or smell seals from a distance, or even walk on snow and melting ice. With the guidance, reassurance, and love of his mother, he begins to realize that he will be able to grow up and be an independent polar bear. The frosty white and pale blue illustrations in this book are created by digital media, and really represent and recreate an arctic world. Young readers and listeners will enjoy following the polar bear’s progress in this charming story. See this book listed in our catalog

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