Monday, December 30, 2013

Hello, My Name is Ruby

Submitted by Ms. Amanda!
Hello, My Name is Ruby by Philip C. Stead is a simple story of a small bird named Ruby. Ruby is looking for friend. She introduces herself to a big bird standing in the cool water, and they go flying together. Next, Ruby meets a friend to go walking with. As she and her new friend go walking, Ruby meets a giraffe, a penguin, a hummingbird, and a turkey. When she asks the Turkey to be her friend, the turkey politely refuses, so Ruby sings a sad song. Ruby sings her sad song all through the rain, until the sun shines again and she meets a curious bird. The curious bird is named Skeepwock, just like the sound he makes. Skeepwock introduces Ruby to lots of other birds just like her! Now Ruby has lots of friends. In this cute tale about friendship, the reader meets many types of birds, and learns about different ways to make friends. The illustrations of each bird are beautiful and each adds to the story. This is a great book to share with little ones as they learn to make friends. See this book listed in our catalog

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