Monday, December 23, 2013

Bear Noel

Submitted by Ms Amy!
Bear Noel by Olivier Dunrea. Bear Noel is coming! The animals in the forest are full of excitement. It is Christmas Eve, and they know that Bear Noel is on his way. How do they know? Each animal notices a different sign of Bear Noel’s approach. Fox hears jingling bells, Hedgehog hears singing, and Wolf hears someone tramping through the snow. The animals repeat each sign of Bear Noel’s coming as they meet more friends in the forest, until at last – they see him! It’s Bear Noel, and he has brought gifts for all the animals, and magic! The beautiful illustrations of snowy forest scenes bring this simple story to life. You and your little one can have fun reading each animal’s part in a different “voice,” with cues from the text: Dunrea tells us that Boar grunts, Hare whispers, and Possum purrs. Bear Noel is sweet and joyful book, perfect for sharing during the holiday season. See this book listed in our catalog

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