Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Harold Find a Voice

Submitted by Ms. Sara!
Harold Finds a Voice by Courtney Dicmas. Harold is a parrot who lives in apartment 4B in Paris. He mimics all the sounds he hears in his home. Harold can sound like the television, the blender, and the vacuum cleaner. His favorite sound to make is the sound of water. He can sound like the washing machine, the shower, or the toilet flushing. But Harold is tired of making the same noises, so one morning he flies out of the window to see and hear the world. He hears big voices and small, happy voices and sad. But all of these voices leave Harold wondering about his own voice. Does he have one? Is it a good voice? Harold Finds a Voice is a story about finding your own special voice and accepting it. Because of all the great noises Harold makes, it’s an excellent book to read aloud with your child. The illustrations are bright and lively, and fit the story perfectly. See this book listed in our catalog

Monday, December 30, 2013

Hello, My Name is Ruby

Submitted by Ms. Amanda!
Hello, My Name is Ruby by Philip C. Stead is a simple story of a small bird named Ruby. Ruby is looking for friend. She introduces herself to a big bird standing in the cool water, and they go flying together. Next, Ruby meets a friend to go walking with. As she and her new friend go walking, Ruby meets a giraffe, a penguin, a hummingbird, and a turkey. When she asks the Turkey to be her friend, the turkey politely refuses, so Ruby sings a sad song. Ruby sings her sad song all through the rain, until the sun shines again and she meets a curious bird. The curious bird is named Skeepwock, just like the sound he makes. Skeepwock introduces Ruby to lots of other birds just like her! Now Ruby has lots of friends. In this cute tale about friendship, the reader meets many types of birds, and learns about different ways to make friends. The illustrations of each bird are beautiful and each adds to the story. This is a great book to share with little ones as they learn to make friends. See this book listed in our catalog

Friday, December 27, 2013

Charlie the Ranch Dog

Submitted by Ms. Janis!
Come along as Ree Drummond, "The Pioneer Woman," introduces us to her beloved short-legged friend Charlie the Ranch Dog. While Charlie, a sleepy basset hound, tells about the busy life of a ranch dog, his best friend Suzie, a Jack Russell terrier, is getting the work done. Charlie loves his breakfast, and loves living in the country. But truth be known, Suzie is the one chasing the cows out of the yard, and keeping the critters off the porch and out of the garden, all while Charlie naps! A chipmunk appears on each page--see if your child can find it! See this book listed in our catalog

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tap the Magic Tree

Submitted by Ms. Carol!
Tap the Magic Tree by Christie Matheson is a story about seasons, trees and magic. The story starts with a bare brown tree. Then the author instructs the reader to tap the page to see what happens. As you tap and turn the page, leaves appear on the tree, until the tree is full of bright green leaves. The reader is then instructed to rub the tree and turn the page, and then pretty pink buds appear! As you touch each bud and shake the tree, turn the page and the buds fall off. The book continues with instructions to shake the tree, pat the leaves, blow a breeze, clap your hands, and count to ten. As the reader follows the instructions he or she sees the tree change with the seasons. This is a cute story that is very interactive and fun, and teaches children about the seasons. See this book listed in our catalog

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Submitted by Ms. Sue!
A Charlie Brown Christmas by Charles Schulz. It's the Christmas season. All the kids are getting ready for the festivities and enjoying the winter weather. Charlie Brown just doesn't understand what all the fuss is about. The holidays always make him sad. After getting advice from Lucy, Charlie Brown agrees to get into the spirit by directing the school play. After the first practice he decides to get everyone in the mood to be serious about their parts by getting a Christmas tree. Later, after picking out a little, plain pine, and bringing it back, the kids think the tree is poor and scraggly. “I guess I didn’t pick a good tree. Isn’t there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?” Linus strides to center stage and proceeds to describe the manger scene, ending with peace on earth and goodwill toward men. Charlie Brown takes his tree home and puts an ornament on it, but the ornament makes the tree sink to the ground, and Charlie Brown sadly walks away. Find out how all the kids come together to make Charlie Brown feel better, and how they transform the little pine tree. See this book listed in our catalog

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Night Before Christmas

Submitted by Ms. Sue!
The Night Before Christmas, poem by Clement C. Moore, illustrated by Holly Hobbie. This classic child’s poem of the night before Christmas was originally titled “Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas.” It rhythmically describes what can happen when Santa Claus comes on Christmas Eve as most children and parents are sleeping. But somebody wakes up upon hearing the clatter and the prancing and pawing of each reindeer hoof. In this illustrated version by Holly Hobbie, a new character is introduced. With a little magic and holiday surprise, Santa unpacks his bag full of toys and stuffs the stockings with presents and a teddy bear. “And laying his finger aside of his nose, and giving a nod, up the chimney he rose.” This enchanting poem and story will leave children with a feeling of anticipation and hope with one last message to all when St. Nicholas says, “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!” See this book listed in our catalog

Monday, December 23, 2013

Bear Noel

Submitted by Ms Amy!
Bear Noel by Olivier Dunrea. Bear Noel is coming! The animals in the forest are full of excitement. It is Christmas Eve, and they know that Bear Noel is on his way. How do they know? Each animal notices a different sign of Bear Noel’s approach. Fox hears jingling bells, Hedgehog hears singing, and Wolf hears someone tramping through the snow. The animals repeat each sign of Bear Noel’s coming as they meet more friends in the forest, until at last – they see him! It’s Bear Noel, and he has brought gifts for all the animals, and magic! The beautiful illustrations of snowy forest scenes bring this simple story to life. You and your little one can have fun reading each animal’s part in a different “voice,” with cues from the text: Dunrea tells us that Boar grunts, Hare whispers, and Possum purrs. Bear Noel is sweet and joyful book, perfect for sharing during the holiday season. See this book listed in our catalog

Friday, December 20, 2013

Winter Is For Snow

Submitted by Ms. Amy!
Winter Is For Snow by Robert Neubecker. Beginning in a New York City apartment, a big brother and his little sister argue about whether it is more fun to play outdoors in the winter snow, or stay inside where it’s warm, watching TV or playing video games. Big brother continues to try to prove to his reluctant little sister that being outdoors in winter is fun, by helping her get bundled up and taking her on a tour of all the great things to do outside in winter time. The pictures are engaging and funny, with a style that reminds me of a glossier version of some of my childhood favorite Sunday morning comic strips. Cozy up with your little one and read about all the fun things you can do in the winter. You may find yourselves inspired to go out and have some winter fun of your own! See this book listed in our catalog

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Snow Angels, Snow Puppy, and My Little Polar Bear

Submitted by Ms. Allana!
Three cute books for the winter/holiday season:
Snow Angels by Angel Randall, illustrated by Brandon Dorman. This story begins with one friend helping another. With the assistance of little helpers that only these two young girls can see, the two set out to help others in their neighborhood! At each location they are joined by a band of angels who help and encourage the girls to carry out all their good will. It feels so good to help other people at this festive time of year, so much so that they decide to continue their good work all year long! With a play on the words “snow angel” the author has taken the meaning to a higher level, and in this delightful picture book, shows how two friends can become like real angels, not only in winter, but during every season. See this book listed in our catalog
Snow Puppy by Marcus Pfister. Rascal is normally a contented happy pup, but today he is feeling a little out of sorts. His friend Sophie is off to town shopping with her parents, and Rascal is left behind. When he notices the white fluffy stuff floating around outside the window, his loneliness becomes excitement and intrigue. He remembers seeing white fluffy stuff once before, when he playfully tore open a pillow, but this stuff is somehow different. Once outside, he realizes how different, and how much fun it is to play in. When Rascal becomes lost after chasing a bunny through the woods, his joy and excitement turn to fear. A kind stranger is nearby however, and we soon discover how he saves the day! This is a sweet story about an adorable puppy who will steal the hearts of readers of every age. See this book listed in our catalog
My Little Polar Bear by Claudia Rueda. “Don’t worry little one, I will stay with you, and I will teach you what polar bears need to know.” A young cub is learning how to be a polar bear from his mother.  He has no confidence at first, and doesn’t believe he can swim well enough, or smell seals from a distance, or even walk on snow and melting ice. With the guidance, reassurance, and love of his mother, he begins to realize that he will be able to grow up and be an independent polar bear. The frosty white and pale blue illustrations in this book are created by digital media, and really represent and recreate an arctic world. Young readers and listeners will enjoy following the polar bear’s progress in this charming story. See this book listed in our catalog

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear

Submitted by Ms. Jill!
The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear by Don and Audrey Wood. Outside Little Mouse’s house, a strawberry is growing. A red, ripe strawberry. Mmm! Mouse is just about to go and pick it. But wait - the narrator warns him - what about the Big Hungry Bear? The bear, we learn, just LOVES strawberries, and can smell them from miles away, especially when they have just been picked. Oh no! Little Mouse has JUST PICKED our strawberry! Now, how can we keep it safe from that Big Hungry Bear? Mouse frantically tries hiding it, locking it up and guarding it, even dressing it up in a disguise… but it turns out that there’s really only one method to save a red, ripe strawberry from the Big Hungry Bear (Hint: that method is delicious). See this book listed in our catalog and look for Merry Christmas, Big Hungry Bear

Monday, December 2, 2013


Submitted by Ms. Tess!
Rabbityness by Jo Empson is a book about being special and being remembered. It's about Rabbit, who likes to do ordinary rabbity things. Rabbit likes jumping, and washing himself, and burrowing. But, he also likes to do a few... unrabbity things. Rabbit loves to paint! And Rabbit loves to make music! He fills the forest with color and sound and, most importantly, happiness. Doing things Rabbit loves makes him happy, and his happiness is contagious! He makes all the other rabbits in the woods happy too. But one day Rabbit is gone. The other rabbits can't find him anywhere, and they are sad. Rabbit leaves behind a dark hole. But he's also left behind his gifts of art and music. The other rabbits are inspired to do their own "unrabbity" things, and the woods are filled with happiness again. We should always strive to do good, and work hard, and be someone worth remembering, just like Rabbit. Embracing our special talents and interests makes us happy, and as Rabbit teaches us, happiness is contagious. Teach your child that they can make the world a better place just by being themselves, like Rabbit! See this book listed in our catalog
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