Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tractor Saves the Day

Submitted by Ms. Amy!
Mandy Archer’s Tractor Saves the Day, with bright, colorful illustrations by Martha Lightfoot, takes us through a typical day on the farm with Tractor and Dog. Tractor has many important jobs to do around the farm, so Dog and Tractor have to get started by the time the sun rises. Tractor needs some special tools to help get all the farm work done. Dog attaches a bale fork to Tractor so they can pick up the hay and bring it to feed the cows. Dog and Tractor also use a plow, and a rope to help them complete their work. There are lots of fun action noises to say throughout the story: “Squelch! Vrrrooom! Honk, Honk!” In the back of the book, the different parts of Tractor are labeled, and there are more pictures that name other important farm equipment. See this book listed in our catalog

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