Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Plant a Little Seed

Submitted by Ms. Amy!
In Plant a Little Seed Bonnie Christensen’s vibrant illustrations and lyrical, rhythmic text describe a year in the life of two friends, and their shared plot in a community garden. The book begins with the friends leaning over seed catalogs, dreaming and planning, while snow is still on the ground outside. Each page shows another step in the progression from early spring planting and waiting for seeds to sprout, to summer’s first fruits, and finally the fall harvest. The friends enjoy their delicious fruits and vegetables by working together with their families to create a holiday meal, celebrating the goodness of the earth and being together with friends. Look for hidden animals tucked away on every page. Count the tomatoes on the vine, and identify the different insects you see. The last page in the book shares details about gardening, how to tell a fruit from a vegetable, and other interesting facts. See this book listed in our catalog

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