Thursday, October 3, 2013

Extra Yarn

Submitted by Ms. Amanda!
Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett is a sweet tale of a little girl named Annabelle and her magical box of yarn. Annabelle lives in a dull grey town. One day she finds a box of every colored yarn so she decides to knit herself a sweater. When she is finished there is extra yarn so she knits a sweater for her dog too. There is still extra yarn. Annabelle knits sweaters for her friends, classmates, teachers, and doctors but somehow there is always still extra yarn. Next, Annabelle knits sweaters for all the animals and for things that usually don’t wear sweaters. There is always plenty of yarn. The dull grey town is transformed. The word spreads all over and people came from far and wide to meet Annabelle. One day an Archduke arrives in the town and offers Annabelle ten million dollars for her magic box of yarn but she won’t sell. The Archduke steals the box of yard only to find the box is empty for him. When the box finds it’s way back to Annabelle it is again full of extra yarn. Beautiful pictures and a magical theme make this a great read for little ones to enjoy as they guess when the supply of yarn may end and what will happen next. See this book listed in our catalog

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