Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Submitted by Ms. Carol!
Ribbit! by Rodrigo Folgueira is a story about a family of frogs and a little pink pig. One day the frogs discover a little pig sitting on a rock in their pond. They try to talk to the pig, and ask him what they can do for him, and the little pig just answers "Ribbit!" The frogs don't know what to do. They think that maybe the pig thinks he is a frog. The little pig just sits there saying "Ribbit!" The news spreads, and soon all the animals are rushing to the pond to see the little pig who thinks he is a frog. They are all trying to figure out just why the pig is here and why he would want to be a frog. They have no luck, so they decide to go ask the wise old beetle. The wise old beetle goes to the pond, but when he arrives, the little pig is gone. They all wonder where he went and what he wanted. The wise old beetle suggests that maybe he just wanted to make new friends. The animals hadn't thought of that. They all feet bad and go looking for the little pig. They find him high up in a tree with lots of birds, saying "Tweet!" All the other animals join the birds and the little pig up in the tree, and they all say "Tweet!" and little pig is surrounded by new friends! See this book listed in our catalog

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