Monday, September 23, 2013


Submitted by Ms. Allana!
Blackout by John Rocco. It was a normal, hot, and noisy night in the city, and inside everyone was busy. Then the lights went out. ALL of them! At first, it’s a scramble to find candles and flashlights, but then a family comes to realize that there are things they can do together while they wait for the power to be restored. They even go up to the roof to look at the stars, and find that their neighbors are doing the same thing! Then, down to the street they go, where all the activity has changed, and now has to do with the blackout. Street vendors are giving away free treats, like ice cream. Kids are playing in the water from the fire hydrant to stay cool, and some are sitting on the steps playing a guitar and singing. When the lights finally come back on, the children in the story are disappointed because they were having such a good time, and no-one was “busy.” The illustrations are half panel, full page, and strip panel, and really interpret the story very well. See this book listed in our catalog

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