Friday, August 23, 2013

Lucky Ducklings

Submitted by Ms. Catherine!
Picture books about ducks tend to be delightful. Lucky Ducklings written by Eva Moore and illustrated by Nancy Carpenter is no exception. When Mama Duck takes her five little ducklings on a stroll, she never expected to encounter a disaster! On what should have been a simple family walk, the ducklings fall through the grate of a storm drain and become trapped. Of course, Mama Duck is quite distraught! However, brave firefighters step in to save the day! Based on the true story of a duck disaster and a wonderful fire department, this book will delight readers with a sweet story and beautifully life-like illustrations. Parents and children will love reading this story and quacking along with Mama Duck and her ducklings. At the end, everyone will cheer when the firefighters save the ducklings, and the day! See this book listed in our catalog

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