Monday, July 1, 2013


Submitted by Ms. Carol!
Waddles by David McPhail is a story about a raccoon named Waddles. Waddles loved to eat and he was always hungry. He would waddle around like a duck. Waddles had a best friend, Emily. Emily was a duck and Waddles loved to waddle down to the pond every day to visit her. One day when he went to visit Emily she couldn't go off and play with Waddles because she had to sit on her new nest. Waddles offered to sit on Emily's nest for awhile so she could go and enjoy a swim. While she was gone Waddles had to protect the eggs from the fox. He growled and scared fox away! Before he knew it the eggs were hatching, and out came five little ducklings. Waddles took them down to the pond to meet their mother, Emily. The ducklings and Waddles grew very attached to each other and they all spent lots of time together. One day the weather started to turn cold. Emily and the five ducklings had to fly south for the winter and Waddles was left all alone. Emily promised to return. Waddles had a lonely winter but, when spring arrived, his friends returned just as they promised! See this book listed in our catalog

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