Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Otis and the Tornado

Submitted by Ms. Janis!
Otis and the Tornado by Loren Long. Otis the tractor and his animal friends around the farm have a happy life of games. One day they decided to play follow-the-leader and everyone joins in, except the bull, who would "snort and snarl and huff hot air" if any of the animals got too close to his private pasture. When a tornado is spotted in the near distance, the farmer runs for cover without even checking on the animals. Otis heads for the barn and unlatches the stalls so that the animals can go to lower ground. Just then, Otis hears the bellowing of the bull, whose pen is directly in the path of the tornado. He chugs as fast as he can to release the mean bull. The bull joins the other animals in the shelter and, in the aftermath of the storm, becomes a new playmate. Otis and the Tornado is about friendship and loyalty. It is also a remarkable weather story that would fit well into early science curriculum. The vivid description of the tornado is well matched with the art and shows the impending danger of the storm. Listeners are certain to cheer Otis on in this tale of doing what is right, despite the dangers. Loren Long stated it very well: “I hope you'll share Otis with a little one in your life. And together you'll get to know a friendly little tractor who works hard and plays hard and always has time for another friend. I hope that new friend is you.” See this book listed in our catalog

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