Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Schmutzy Family

Submitted by Ms. Melissa!
The Schmutzy family is all about experiences, not appearances. From mud to blueberry messes, Mama Schmutzy doesn’t “tst” or “tut” – she allows her children to explore every day, except for on the Sabbath day. While reading The Schmutzy Family by Madelyn Rosenberg, children will be introduced to “big” words such as “malodorous” and new, cultural words, such as “challah.” The illustrations by Paul Meisel often spread across two pages, and would make for a great game of “I Spy.” Regardless of your personal religious beliefs, this book can be used to teach the significance of “special” days and celebrations in one’s life. Use it as an opportunity to learn about another culture, while relating to childhood explorations like searching for earth worms and making mud pies. Check out The Schmutzy Family and dig into another great read! See this book listed in our catalog

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