Thursday, April 11, 2013

Monsters Love Colors

Submitted by Ms. Carol!
Monsters Love Colors by Mike Austin is a very cute book about colors. The Monsters mish and mash and squish and squash their colors. They choose their favorite colors. Red is the color of Roar and Snore. Blue is the color of Scribble and Nibble. Blue monster nibbles his blue crayon. You should not eat crayons, you silly monster! The monsters mix colors together and show the reader what happens when you mix a red monster with a yellow monster (you get an orange monster of course). They mix colors to make all the monsters' favorite colors. They mix yellow and blue and make a green monster. They mix red and blue and make a purple monster. Now there is just one monster left, and when they ask him what his favorite color is he says "super tropical mega monster rainbow swirl with raspberry on top" so the monsters mix and mash and squash and squish until finally they have a beautiful rainbow monster. The monsters love colors and now they are all super colorful! See this book listed in our catalog

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