Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Railroad Hank

Submitted by Ms. Sue!
Railroad Hank by Lisa Moser, illustrated by Benji Davies. Railroad Hank has a very fine train that he chugs up and down the track. One day, as he’s headed up the mountain to see Granny Bett who is feeling blue, he stops by Missy May’s farm to chat. He tells Missy May about Granny Bett feeling blue, and she says “A plate of scambly eggs always perks me up.” She tells Hank to take some of her eggs to Granny Bett. But Hank rubs his chin and wonders: where do you get eggs? “From my hens, of course,” said Missy May. “Okay Dokey,” says Hank and takes the hens. As the train is leaving, Missy yells “take the eggs, not the hens!” But Hank is already on his way to his next stop at Dandelion Dairy, where he chats with Country Carl. Country Carl offers creamy milk from his cows. But Hank wonders where creamy milk comes from, and ends up taking whole cows with him. “Wait!” yells Country Carl. “Take the milk not the cow!” But the train is pulling away, as Missy May and Country Carl are running after. Where else will Railroad Hank stop on his way to see Granny Bett, and what other crazy cargo will he put on the train? Full page colorful pictures accompany this story with lovable characters. See this book listed in our catalog

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