Friday, March 1, 2013

Princess In Training

Submitted by Ms. Carol!
Princess in Training by Tammi Sauer is a book about a princess named Viola Louise Hassenfeffer. Viola is not an ordinary princess. She loves karate, and diving, and skateboarding--things that ordinary princesses just don't do. The king and queen want desperately for Viola to be a proper princess. One day Viola receives a letter inviting her to Camp Princess, where she can learn to behave like royalty should, and be the darling of her kingdom. Viola decides to give this Camp Princess a try. At the camp, they try to teach the princesses how to wave properly, and how to have good posture. Viola can't get the hang of it, and she decides to do some karate moves instead. Next, her instructor tries to teach the girls how to dress and walk. Viola decides she is too hot in all those clothes and goes for a swim. When they are being taught how to dance, Viola decides to get her skateboard out and do some moves on that. Viola is about to give up on her princess training when suddenly a dragon appears. All the princesses are frightened. Except Viola. Viola stands up to that dragon, and she gives him a karate chop! She dives in the fountain, and splashes the dragon! Then she skateboards circles around him, until the dragon collapses on the floor. All the other princesses crowd around Viola. She is their hero and they all want to learn her moves. Viola wasn't proper, but she was the darling of her kingdom. See this book listed in our catalog

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