Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Follower and Knock Knock

Submitted by Ms. Allana!
The Follower by Richard Thompson. “On Monday dark as shut your eyes... it followed her home.” Thus begins this wonderful, mysterious, and eerie story about a young witch who is followed by a seemingly foreboding creature. Written in very poetic and descriptive language, the story leads us along each day as we are shown more of the sinister landscape where the creature lurks. The illustrations by Martin Springett bring it to perfect shadowy life, with a clue hidden in all the pictures. See this book listed in our catalog
KNOCK! KNOCK! by Jan Wahl. “This happened in Scotland a long time ago...” Well of all the places for this bizarre story to take place... A late night knock at the door disturbs a young witch named Ella La Grimble, who is busy spinning her wheel. Strange things, parts really, start to arrive one by one after each knock. She doesn’t seem too alarmed by this strange event; she is more yearning for company than anything else. When all the “parts” arrive, will she get her wish? Or is there something more frightening to be the outcome? Illustrated by Mary Newell DePalma, this is a suspenseful, amusing story to thrill young pre-school readers. See this book listed in our catalog

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