Friday, February 8, 2013

Silly Doggy!

Submitted by Ms. Tammy!
Silly Doggy! by Adam Stower. One morning, while looking out her window, Lily sees the most amazing thing. She runs outside and, sure enough, digging through the trash, is a lost dog. Lily and the big, brown, fluffy dog quickly become best friends. Her dog isn’t like most dogs; he can’t do tricks, doesn’t eat his food, and never does what he’s told. Lily doesn’t realize her big fluffy dog is actually a brown bear that is missing from the local zoo. Lily’s mommy is sure his family is looking for him, so Lily creates a “Found Dog” poster, and hangs it where she’s sure no one will read it. The zookeeper reads the poster, and shows up to bring the bear back to the zoo. Lily is sad, until she finds a big kitty in the yard, or so she thinks it’s a kitty... See this book listed in our catalog

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