Monday, February 4, 2013

Let's Sing a Lullaby with the Brave Cowboy

Submitted by Ms. Catherine!
Going to bed can be scary sometimes. A good lullaby can make bedtime much better. But what if you kept seeing scary shadows while you sang your lullaby?! In Let’s Sing a Lullaby with the Brave Cowboy, by Jan Thomas, we meet a friendly cowboy who is trying to sing a lullaby to his cow friends. However, every time he reaches the end of the song, he thinks he sees something scary is hiding in the shadows! You'll have to read to find out if the cowboy and his cow friends will ever be able to fall asleep. Jan Thomas’s book is filled with bright and bold illustrations, and the story will have parents and children laughing together as the cowboy tries to sing his lullaby to his friends. This will be a wonderful book to read together before bed. See this book listed in our catalog

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