Friday, December 21, 2012

Not a Box and Not a Stick

Submitted by Ms. Amanda!
It is that time of year, when kids of all ages will be getting amazing, carefully planned, long sought after gifts from their parents, grandparents and even Santa Claus... only to play with the BOX it comes in! Not a Box by Antoinette Portis is about a bunny who, through simple line drawings, insists that his box is Not a Box. When asked what it is, he reveals it is a race car, a mountain, a burning building, a robot, and many other imaginings of a child! It is a great lap sit book to be read and enjoyed, and to spark the imagination of its readers! Not a Stick by the same author follows the same simple pattern of Not a Box. This time Pig pretends that his “Not a Stick” is a fishing pole, a paintbrush, a dumbbell, and so much more. Antoinette Portis captures the pure brilliance of a child's imagination in these simple yet creative interactive books. See these books listed in our catalog

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