Wednesday, December 26, 2012

More Bears!

Submitted by Ms. Catherine!
What does every story need? Why, MORE BEARS! Of course!  In Kenn Nesbitt’s More Bears! an unassuming author simply wants to write a simple story with absolutely no bears at all. But somewhere beyond the pages children keep calling for “More Bears!” Wanting to make the children who will read his story happy, the author adds a bear. But this is simply not enough. The children want more and more bears. As the story goes, the bears begin to take over the book until there are so many bears, it seems that they will pop off the page. This book would be a fantastic choice for a read-aloud. The story moves quickly and children will love shouting “More Bears!” throughout the story. Just be ready for the end when the author bans all bears from his book. But don’t worry.  This simply will leave room for MORE CHICKENS! See this book listed in our catalog

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