Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lizzy's Do's and Don'ts

Submitted by Ms. Brenda!
The word "don't" has become an awfully tiresome word to hear for Lizzy and her mom lately. Lizzy enjoys bringing sand home from the beach, and cutting her hair, and really is there anything wrong with occasionally licking the dog? Her mom's "don'ts" have gotten out of control, and Lizzy decides to take a turn with some "don'ts" of her own for Mom. In Lizzy’s Do's and Don'ts by Jessica Harper and illustrated by Lindsay Harper DuPont, after dishing out long lists of "don'ts" to each other, Lizzy and her mom decide to give each other a list of "do's." Do hold me close. Do tell me when life seems unfair. Do tell me you love me. This delightful book teaches compromise and understanding in a non-threatening way. Parents and children alike will certainly recognize themselves in some, if not most, of these "Do" and "Don't" examples. See this book listed in our catalog

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