Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dog In Charge

Submitted by Ms. Carol!
Dog in Charge by K.L. Going is a story about Dog, who loves his owner and is a very good dog. He sits when told to sit. He stays when told to stay. He even dances when told to dance, then, of course, his owner rewards him with scrumptious doggie treats. His owner thinks he is the best dog in the world. When his owner goes to the store, she leaves Dog in charge of the cats--all five of them. Dog thinks it's no big deal He can handle it. Until he realizes what mischief those crazy cats can get into! They make a big mess! One spills milk all over the kitchen, while another makes a mess in the fireplace, scattering ashes everywhere. They topple over books, and break flower pots. They are such bad cats! Dog is worried how is owner will react when she returns to find the huge mess. After all, she left Dog in charge! Dog is so exhausted from chasing after the cats, he falls asleep, and while he sleeps, the five cats decide they really do love Dog. They decide to clean up their mess, and then they curl up next to dog and take a nap. When the owner returns, she is very happy with Dog and she gives him scrumptious doggie treats. Dog dances around and thinks the cats are such good cats--the best cats ever. See this book listed in our catalog

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