Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bawk & Roll and Zorro Gets an Outfit

Submitted by Ms. Tess!
It's a summer of sequels at the library! I'm happy to report that two of my favorite books, Chicken Dance by Tammi Sauer and Dan Santat, and Say Hello to Zorro by Carter Goodrich, have delightful sequels that recently came out!
Bawk & Roll continues the story of Marge and Lola, the chicken dancers, hot off the heels of their barn yard talent show victory, now on tour with the one and only Elvis Poultry. But there's one little problem... Marge and Lola have stage fright! When put in front of a crowd of strangers, they faint! The chickens try different things to calm their nerves. Picture the crowd in their underwear? Doesn't work. Ease into the show? They should have checked Elvis's definition of "ease" before they suggested that idea... Elvis warns the chickens if their flock can't rock, he'll have to go solo. Can Marge and Lola pull it together and find a way to conquer their stage fright, and show off their sweet moves to the world? You'll have to read Bawk & Roll to find out! See this book listed in our catalog
Zorro and Mister Bud are living the good life, and today started out like every other day--they woke up, ate their biscuits, and got ready for their walk, but today... there was a delay. Someone got Zorro and outfit. A blue doggy-super-hero cape. And he has to wear it. Zorro is embarrassed. All the other dogs howl with laughter when they see Zorro in his new outfit. Zorro is miserable. Until they get to the park and they meet another dog with an outfit! And this dog is awesome! He's fast and he does tricks! Zorro realizes he can wear an outfit and still be cool. See this book listed in our catalog

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