Friday, April 13, 2012

When the Moon Forgot

Submitted by Ms. Melissa!
Jimmy Liao is author and illustrator of many children’s fiction and picture books. His stories weave complex concepts through imagery and simple prose. In his book When the Moon Forgot he tells the story of an imaginative and lonely young boy who finds the Moon in a field. It’s lost and has forgotten to rise. The world moves on and they create factory produced moons to replace it, moons that never stop glowing. Everyone buys one. Meanwhile, the boy and Moon become great friends. The boy teaches the Moon many things, most importantly how to be brave. As manufactured moons begin to pile up, discarded in alley ways and streams, the real Moon begins to realize he is needed. The more he is needed, the larger he grows. He can no longer fit in the boy's home. He floats and spins. The moon finds his place in the sky, and “from then on the boy’s dreams are always filled with moonlight.” See this book listed in our catalog

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