Monday, February 6, 2012

Do Like a Duck Does

Submitted by Ms. Brenda!
Do Like a Duck Does by Judy Hindley takes us on a fun, rhyming romp, with a mother duck and her five little ducklings. Someone, a hairy scary someone, is creeping very closely, and following them. He says he is a big, brown duck. He can waddle like a duck. He can scuttle and strut like a duck. But "he has no feathers and he has no beak, he has four claws on his hairy scary feet." Mama Duck is suspicious. She lets the hairy scary stranger follow them, but he must do as a duck does, and jump in puddles, munch on bugs, zip through the thistles, and slide into the river. Will this hairy scary stranger with "two ears that stick up a mile, and a wicked foxy nose and a wicked foxy smile" be able to do as a duck does? Or will Mama Duck outsmart him? See this book listed in our catalog

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