Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Submitted by Ms. Brenda!
Neville, written by Norton Juster and illustrated by G. Brian Karas, is a book about a young boy who moves to a new town. Everyone tells him that he’ll love it! So far, he doesn’t love it very much. He doesn’t know anyone, and he doesn’t have any friends here. His mother tells him to go for a little walk. Maybe he’ll meet someone. Maybe he’ll make a new friend. The young boy doesn’t think so, but he decides to go anyway. As he walks toward the end of the block, he doesn’t see anyone and he starts thinking. Suddenly he stops at the corner, throws back his head and calls out “Neville!” Nothing happens. He tries again only shouting this time “Neville!!” Still nothing. All of a sudden, a boy about his age comes up to him, and tells him that he should shout a little louder. Both boys start shouting “NEVILLE!!” over and over. Pretty soon a whole neighborhood of kids is shouting for Neville. They start asking questions too. Who is Neville? What’s he like? Is he nice? Is he funny? After shouting for Neville all afternoon, and no Neville appearing, the kids decide to head home, and come back tomorrow to try again. The young boy walks home, quickly eats dinner, washes up, jumps into bed, and goes right to sleep. Today ended up being “Not so bad” and tomorrow may be even better! Tomorrow the neighborhood kids may find out who Neville is. You will too, but not until the very, very end of the book. This book is great for listeners and readers ages 4-8. See this book listed in our catalog

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