Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Alligator Bear Crab

Submitted by Ms. Janis!
Alligator Bear Crab: A Baby's ABC by Lesley Wynne Pechter. This alphabet book for babies and toddlers introduces the shapes and sounds of the alphabet with colorful, original paintings of critters and animals. The bright colors and Japanese woodcut illustrations make for a unique board book. It's just right for babies, who enjoy looking at pictures and hearing a familiar voice, and the large illustrations of each animal representing each letter of the alphabet will have toddlers pointing at the bright pictures and learning some unique animal names. See this book listed in our catalog

The Blue House Dog

Submitted by Ms. Allana!
The Blue House Dog by Deborah Blumenthal is the touching story of Cody and Blue. Blue starts off being known as “Bones,” just a neighborhood stray dog who isn’t special at all. Cody knows otherwise. He knows the aching that is inside of the stray dog’s heart because he lost someone he loved. Cody lost someone too, and this emotional bond opens up a chance for a new start for each of them. This book is beautifully written, with colorful detailed illustrations by Adam Gustavson, and it will tug at the heart strings from start to finish. If a child has had experiences already with dogs in their life, they will grasp some of the emotion of the story. If they are younger, and have not yet experienced the joy of having a pet dog, this is a great introduction. See this book listed in our catalog


Submitted by Ms. Brenda!
Neville, written by Norton Juster and illustrated by G. Brian Karas, is a book about a young boy who moves to a new town. Everyone tells him that he’ll love it! So far, he doesn’t love it very much. He doesn’t know anyone, and he doesn’t have any friends here. His mother tells him to go for a little walk. Maybe he’ll meet someone. Maybe he’ll make a new friend. The young boy doesn’t think so, but he decides to go anyway. As he walks toward the end of the block, he doesn’t see anyone and he starts thinking. Suddenly he stops at the corner, throws back his head and calls out “Neville!” Nothing happens. He tries again only shouting this time “Neville!!” Still nothing. All of a sudden, a boy about his age comes up to him, and tells him that he should shout a little louder. Both boys start shouting “NEVILLE!!” over and over. Pretty soon a whole neighborhood of kids is shouting for Neville. They start asking questions too. Who is Neville? What’s he like? Is he nice? Is he funny? After shouting for Neville all afternoon, and no Neville appearing, the kids decide to head home, and come back tomorrow to try again. The young boy walks home, quickly eats dinner, washes up, jumps into bed, and goes right to sleep. Today ended up being “Not so bad” and tomorrow may be even better! Tomorrow the neighborhood kids may find out who Neville is. You will too, but not until the very, very end of the book. This book is great for listeners and readers ages 4-8. See this book listed in our catalog

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bug and Bear

Submitted by Ms. Carol!
Bug and Bear by Ann Bonwill is a story about a bug and a bear who are friends. Bear is very tired, and all she really wants to do is get to her cave and take a nap, but Bug wants to play with Bear, and he follows her, buzzing around her, asking and asking Bear to play. Bear tries to get rid of Bug, but Bug just doesn't get it. He thinks Bear is just playing games with him. Bear gets an idea from Chameleon, and she tries to hide from Bug by blending in with a tree, but it doesn't work. Bug thinks Bear is playing hide and seek. Bear gets an idea from turtle, and tries to crawl inside a log, but Bug just thinks Bear wants to play follow the leader. Finally Bear has had enough, and she tells Bug to go jump in a lake, then she goes in her cave and tries to nap. Now Bear can't sleep. She feels so bad about the way she treated Bug. She decides to go try to find him. She looks everywhere, but can't find him. Then the other animals remind Bear that she told Bug to go to the lake, so Bear runs to the lake and finds Bug drifting on a lily pad. Bear rescues Bug, and then wants to play, but Bug is just too tired, so they both take a nap together. Bug and Bear is a story of true friendship. See this book listed in our catalog

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Place to Call Home

Submitted by Ms. Jill!
A Place to Call Home by Alexis Deacon. A family of hamster-like creatures, all brothers, have lived all their lives in a small, dark, warm, safe hole. But now they’ve grown too big for their little nest, and must set off into the big, wide, scary world beyond in search of a new home. The brightness of the outside world is too scary, so the little animals hide their heads inside found objects - a boot, some gloves, and even a teacup. From that point onwards the story is told comic-book fashion, with illustrations and word balloons showing the brothers’ comical confusion as they make their way across the junkyard that surrounds their old home. Only one brother can see out of his silly headgear, and so they mistakenly identify almost everything they encounter. A puddle becomes the sea, a frying pan is a boat to paddle across it, a desk is a mountain, and a sand pile is an endless dessert. When they cross the top of an old washing machine and find its far side, they believe they’ve found the “edge of the world.” Frightened and unsure, the little animals are discussing their next move when a huge beast appears and carries off one of the brothers! What can they do? The beast is too big and they are too small! But wait - they’ve crossed the sea, climbed a mountain, survived a desert, and walked to the very edge of the world, and they’re not about to let a beast steal their brother! With their newfound courage, the remaining brothers charge the beast (a dog) to make a dramatic and hilarious rescue. While making their getaway, the little family finds a knothole in the fence that leads to the even bigger, brighter, grander world beyond. No longer afraid, the small creatures head out into the sunlight to make their way in the world at last. See this book listed in our catalog

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Stuffed Animals Get Ready for Bed

Submitted by Ms. Tammy!
The Stuffed Animals Get Ready for Bed by Alison Inches. A little girl takes her bath and prepares for bed, but her stuffed animals have other plans in mind. The stuffed animals are not tired at all, acting wild, tumbling, and twirling down the hall. She coaches them one by one to get ready for bed, getting Panda from the tub, Monkey to stop banging a pot on his head, and Pig to put away the electric guitar. With a lot of patience and love, she manages to get the stuffed animals settled down and ready for bed. The colorful pictures, rhyming text, and background activities make this a great book for engaging readers. See this book listed in our catalog

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One Little Blueberry

Submitted by Ms. Tammy!
One Little Blueberry by Tammi Salzano. One little blueberry falls onto the ground causing a lot of trouble! As it rolls down the hill it passes two ants, three ladybugs, four caterpillars, and more hungry bugs, all the way to ten hopping grasshoppers. They all want the juicy blueberry for themselves, chasing it down the hill. Who will get the tasty snack? Learning to count from one to ten is a treat with this lively read-aloud that uses large, brightly colored insects for each number. In the background on each page you can see the previous bugs heading down the hill in order. Preschoolers will delight in following the blueberry, and will be surprised at who gets to eat the juicy treat. See this book listed in our catalog

Monday, January 9, 2012

Don't Worry, Douglas!

Submitted by Ms. Amanda!
Don’t Worry, Douglas! by David Melling. The adorable Douglas is back in a new adventure with a hat! When we first met Douglas the bear, he was looking for a hug. In this installment, Douglas has been given a new woolly red hat by his dad! Douglas is so excited, he runs out to play right away. He jumps, tumbles, and even does cartwheels in his new wooly red hat! Then, all of a sudden, he realizes his new wooly red hat has unraveled into a long string of spaghetti! The sheep suggest he ball it up and put it on his head, but it just isn’t the same, so he asks the cow. The cow thinks it would make a pretty wig! The bird thinks it would go great in her nest, and the rabbit wants to use it to plug up her burrow, but Douglas does not want to use his hat those ways. He decides to just tell his dad what happened, so he goes back home with this new wooly red hat in a pile of wet spaghetti. After Douglas tells his dad everything, his dad says, “Don’t worry Douglas” and gives him his hat for Douglas to grow into! Like the first Douglas book, this is a great tale with a silly bear and loving parents. I remember a similar incident in my life (I am sure we all can), where I was sure I had ruined something, and was going to be in trouble forever! Mine was a umbrella not a hat. But just like Douglas’s dad, my parents weren’t mad like I thought they would be. In the end, their love for me was greater than the cost of the umbrella! What a great lesson to teach little ones! Read this story, as well as Douglas’s search for a hug, today! See this book listed in our catalog

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Odd Bird Out

Submitted by Ms. Tess!
If you have a little one who marches to their own drummer, they might really enjoy Odd Bird Out by Helga Bansch, a fabulous story about celebrating your unique-ness, and loving yourself for who you are! It's about Robert the raven, who does not adhere to "normal" raven behavior. He loves to wear colors instead of all black! He loves to tell jokes! And most of all, he loves to sing! One day though the other ravens have had enough, and tell Robert they don't want him around any more. Robert is sad, but he finds a tree of birds who accept his outgoing personality, and encourage him to sing loud and long! He creates a new life for himself as the sensational Bobby Raver! The other ravens come to realize that their lives are pretty boring without Bobby around, and come to embrace his music and fashion sense! Robert/Bobby's triumphant story of self confidence is an inspiration to everyone to be yourself, no matter how "odd!" See this book listed in our catalog
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