Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dinosaur vs. the Library

Submitted by Ms. Catherine!
When last we met our friend the Dinosaur, he was out defeating bowls of spaghetti, giant slides, and talking grown-ups. And, while bedtime did indeed defeat the Dinosaur in the end, we all knew he would be back to “Roar!” another day. In Bob Shea’s Dinosaur Vs. The Library, our friend the Dinosaur meets many new friends, and teaches them how to “Roar!” Soon cows, baby chicks, and even shy turtles and sad owls are roaring away with the awesome Dinosaur! But what will happen when the Dinosaur goes to the library? Will he be able to use his inside roar? When it’s story time, will he be able to keep his roars to himself altogether? Bob Shea’s illustrations are funny and adorable. Anyone who has a little dinosaur at home will recognize just how hard it can be to use inside roars sometimes. However, as the Dinosaur learns, when you stay quiet to hear a book at story time at the library, everybody wins. See this book listed in our catalog

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