Friday, November 4, 2011

Polka-dot Fixes Kindergarten

Submitted by Ms. Catherine!
For many kids, the first day of school can be a harrowing experience. Everything is new and strange, and you don’t know who your friends will be. In Polka-dot Fixes Kindergarten, written by Catherine Urdahl and illustrated by Mai S. Kemble, we meet Polka-dot. Polka-dot is beginning kindergarten, and that means that she will have to be a big girl, and take care of things by herself. Up until this point, her grandpa has always fixed everything with his handy fix-it kit. When Polka-dot ripped her skirt, Grandpa was there with duct tape. When she scraped her knee, he was ready with dotted bandages. So when Polka-dot starts kindergarten, and meets a little girl who isn’t always nice, Polka-dot doesn’t know if she is ready to fix things on her own. For anyone who can remember how daunting that first day of school was, this will be a great book to share. Polka-dot makes mistakes at school, like everyone else, but when she’s called upon to help out, she is ready and willing to step up. The illustrations are bright and lively, with a realistic touch that will bring you back to your first day of kindergarten. If you’re looking for a book to help your little one feel more confident beginning school, this would be a great pick! See this book listed in our catalog

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