Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Woods

Submitted by Ms. Catherine!
There are some things that must take place for bedtime to work. Stories must be read, blankets must be tucked, and the favorite doll/teddy/stuffed friend must be snuggled. But what happens when that dear snuggly friend goes missing? In The Woods by Paul Hoppe this is the very scary question that must be answered. When the intrepid hero of our story misplaces his special bunny, he knows he must find it. Readers will think of Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are as our little boy imagines a forest in his bedroom. But where Max had to tame the wild things, this little boy finds that the monsters in his room just need a little love. After sharing his story, nightlight, and a hug, he finally finds his bunny… with a “very big, hairy, scary monster!” But soon the little boy learns that even big scary hairy monsters get lonely, and he invites all of his new friends home to share his bunny. This is a great story for kids who are scared to go to bed. With sweet and silly illustrations, this book makes going to bed a happy experience. See this book listed in our catalog

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