Friday, October 14, 2011

What About Bear?

Submitted by Ms. Carol!
What About Bear? by Suzanne Bloom is a cute story about friendship. Bear and Duck are the best of friends. They have lots of fun playing together, until one day Fox appears, and he wants to play too. Bear and Duck play with Fox until Fox decides that he doesn't want to include Bear. He wants to play a different game, and Bear is just much too big to play. Of course Duck is not happy about this, and Bear is so sad. Duck keeps saying "What about Bear?" and Fox always has some reason that Bear can't play. Bear is too grumpy, or Bear is too far away. Finally Bear is so sad he starts to leave. Duck stops Bear, and tells Fox that Bear is his big, old, sometimes grumpy friend. Duck tells Fox that he can be his and Bear's new friend, and they all play together happily. This is a great story about sharing and how it is always nice to be nice to others. See this book listed in our catalog

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