Monday, October 3, 2011

In the Meadow

Submitted by Ms. Melissa!
Some books send us back to a time and place once forgotten. Often such stories remind us how beautiful the world is around us and how it is to feel alone – and then have someone find you. As adults we forget the joys such simplicity gives us. In the Meadow by Yukiko Kato, pictures by Komako Sakai, is a book that explores this simple, natural world; a book that will encourage adults who read it with their child to pause, stop the clock, and put down their modern devices. The images and words will take you back to the time of running through meadows, chasing butterflies, finding crickets, and hearing the rush of a river in the distance, or the song of a bird. You’ll remember the feel of grass touching your skin as if you were standing all alone, in a sea of green, green grass. Check it out, give it a try, then go explore a meadow with your child and see what you can find. See this book listed in our catalog

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