Monday, October 4, 2010

Too Purpley!

Submitted by Ms. Catherine!
They say clothes make the man. But what about the three-year-old? Anyone who knows a child knows that opinions start early. In Too Purpley by Jean Reidy, and illustrated by Genevieve LeLoup, a little girl cannot decide what to wear one day. As someone who once (at the age of three) downright refused to get dressed for preschool because I only had purple clothing, and that morning I decided that my favorite color was pink, I was able to identify with this book. The book opens with a little girl declaring loudly that she will not wear these clothes! Each page features her dressed in outfits that are simply “too purpley,” “too stripey,” and even “too feathery.” The illustrations are bright and fun, and provide a chance for kids to point out just what’s wrong with each outfit. By the end of the book, all will cheer when our heroine finds the absolutely perfect outfit - “So comfy and just right!” See this book listed in our catalog

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