Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Big Scary Monster

Submitted by Ms. Carol!
Big Scary Monster by Thomas Docherty is a story about a monster who is indeed very big and scary. He lives on a mountain, and all the little creatures that live on the mountain are very scared of the Big Scary Monster. He would jump out and scare all the little creatures when they least expected it. The little creatures began to hide from the Big Scary Monster. Big Scary Monster begins to get bored because he has nobody to scare. He looks down in the valley and sees other creatures playing and decides to go down and scare them. But when Big Scary Monster gets there he realizes that he is not so big anymore... the creatures are much bigger than him! The big creatures jump out and scare Big Scary Monster when he least expects it. He runs all the way back up the mountain. When he gets back he is so lonely he begins to cry. Then, when he least expects it, all the small creatures jump out and scare him all at once. After that they all become friends and play together happily. Of course their favorite game is "BOO!" See this book listed in our catalog

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