Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Look! Look! Look!

Submitted by special guest blogger Ms. Julie, the county library's summer intern!
Look! Look! Look! written and illustrated by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace and Linda K. Friedlaender tells the story of three mice who come across an interesting postcard. It has the portrait of a lady in a patterned dress on it, which inspires the mice. They observe and discuss all the different kinds of lines, shapes, and colors they can see in the portrait. The mice recreate the picture using lines and shapes, and then notice how, with the same shapes, you can also make different pictures. This story is very informative, and at the same time it would easily keep a young child’s attention, because of its colorful pictures, and fun storyline, which keeps you guessing. In the back, the book also features a glossary of the art terms used, and instructions on how to create and mail your very own postcard. What a fun way to teach a child art! See this book listed in our catalog

Room for Rabbit

Submitted by special guest blogger Ms. Julie, the county library's summer intern!
Room for Rabbit written by Roni Schotter and illustrated by Cyd Moore. Kara and her best friend, Rabbit, go to visit with Kara’s dad and his new wife Peggy one afternoon. Kara and Rabbit soon come to the conclusion that there is not nearly enough room for them to fit in, because Peggy’s things are strewn all across the house. The story follows Kara and Rabbit as they become increasingly discontent with Daddy’s house now that his new wife has moved in. Will things ever feel the same? Towards the end, Kara and Rabbit realize that with Peggy around there is an extra lap to sit on, and an extra pair of arms to be hugged by. Kara’s dad shows that there will always be room for both Kara and Rabbit, and they all end up getting along and playing games together. A young child going through tough times with parents could very easily relate to Kara, and be reassured that no matter what happens, don’t worry, because there will always be enough room. See this book listed in our catalog

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Great Monster Hunt

Submitted by Ms. Catherine!
Everyone has, at some point in their lives, heard a monster under their bed, or in their closet. The monster in my room lived under my dresser. The Great Monster Hunt by Norbert Landa and Tim Warnes is a sweet and funny story about what happens when you think you hear a monster somewhere in your room. Poor Duck can’t sleep because of the “psh psh” sound coming from under his bed. Anyone who has ever heard a sound in their room late at night knows that sometimes it’s just too scary to look under the bed themselves, so Duck turns to his friend Pig and tells how something under his bed is making a “psh psh grrr!” sound. As more and more animals hear the story, the monster under the bed becomes more and more terrible! So when the animals are finally ready to take on the scary creature under Duck’s bed, they are in for a big (or maybe small) surprise. With fun, bright illustrations, and monster noises you and your child can do together, this will be a great book for any child who has worried about the monsters under their bed. See this book listed in our catalog

Beaver Is Lost

Submitted by Ms. Catherine!
Beaver Is Lost by Elisha Cooper is a great example of how a wordless book can be a great story for you and your child to share. While you may ask how you would read a wordless book to a child, I believe that wordless books are actually a wonderful tool to help expand your child’s vocabulary, cognitive skills, and imagination. In Beaver Is Lost, one beaver loses his way and ends up in the city rather than his nice home on the river. Each illustration depicts a different part of his adventure as he tries to find his way home. The soft, watercolor pictures work perfectly with the simple story of an animal trying to get home. When sharing this book with your child, you can take turns describing and discussing what’s happening on each page. Beaver experiences many situations that will be recognizable to your child, so this will be a good chance for them to use their imagination and think about what they would do if they were Beaver. And don’t worry about poor beaver, he’ll find his way home by the end of the book! See this book listed in our catalog

Herbert: The True Story of a Brave Sea Dog

Submitted by Ms. Sue!
Herbert: The True Story of a Brave Sea Dog written and illustrated by Robyn Belton. Herbert is a three year old Border Terrier dog, and best friend of twelve year old Tim from New Zealand. They live by the sea. One day Herbert, who is a small dog, went on the adventure of his life! Tim’s father took a boat trip with Herbert and some other men to cross the Marlborough Sound. While attempting to cross this tricky body of water, Herbert falls overboard! No one notices for a long time, and finally Tim’s dad must tell Tim when they arrive at their destination. A search party is launched at first light, when a fisherman who knows the waters well help to look for Herbert. Tim tells his dad “this will be the worst or the best day of my life.” Herbert is finally found after thirty hours of swimming in the sea! This true story of adventure celebrates the love between a boy and his dog. Enjoy the original real story, and pictures of Herbert, also included in this book. See this book listed in our catalog

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Little Rabbit Goes to School

Submitted by Ms. Jill!
Little Rabbit Goes to School by Harry Horse. Little Rabbit is so excited about his first day of school! He is a big boy now, with a backpack, and a lunchbox, and he is ready! And Little Rabbit is just sure his favorite toy, Charlie Horse the wooden horse, should go to school with him. “Maybe Charlie Horse should stay home with me,” suggests Mama, but Little Rabbit insists. Alas, Charlie Horse gets poor Little Rabbit into all kinds of trouble, from interrupting story time, to making a giant mess during the cooking lesson. But, worst of all, Charlie Horse distracts Little Rabbit so much that he gets lost during a nature walk! Scared and alone, Little Rabbit bravely thinks of a way to summon help. In spite of the trouble Charlie Horse causes, Little Rabbit makes new friends and is eager to come back for his second day of school tomorrow… only without his naughty wooden horse! Look for more Little Rabbit stories in Little Rabbit Lost, Little Rabbit Runaway, Little Rabbit’s Christmas, and Little Rabbit’s New Baby. See this book listed in our catalog

Friday, June 11, 2010


Submitted by Ms. Carol!
Peanut by Linas Alsenas is a book about an old, lonely lady, named Mildred, who is in need of some companionship. She finds a stray, and brings him home. She is finally happy now that she has a new pet. The only problem is her new dog doesn't behave like other dogs. He doesn't roll over or fetch. She still loves him dearly, but one day a man from the circus stops the old lady and thanks her for finding his missing elephant. That explains why her pet loved peanuts so much. Now Mildred is lonely once again. That is, until she finds another stray. Now she has a new pet kitten! I mean camel... Funny story! See this book listed in our catalog

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dancing Feet

Submitted by Ms. Janis!
Dancing Feet by Lindsey Craig, illustrated by Marc Brown. Get ready for lots of toe tapping and foot slapping, in this rhythmic chorus, with these six dancing creatures. Here is a great example: “Tippity! Tippity! Little black feet! Who is dancing that tippity beat?” As you turn the page, your child will be anxious to see the pictures that reveal ladybugs dancing on tippity feet. Elephant, caterpillar, bear, lizard, and duck all have their own styles of dancing along to the sound effects. They are all written in italics, so kids can shout along. The lively paper collages on hand-painted papers add color to the exciting tale. The author adds dimension and liveliness to this sing-song guessing game. The last pages spring a surprise--kids dressed like one of the animals, demonstrating “Happy, happy dancing feet!” The simple shapes and bright colors make this a perfect choice for sharing with preschoolers. It may even have them dancing! See this book listed in our catalog

Monday, June 7, 2010

Yonderfel's Castle

Submitted by Ms. Amanda!
Yonderfel's Castle: A Medieval Fable by Jean Gralley. Yonderfel was a very generous king long ago. Yonderfel castle was the most terrific castle in all the land and he said to everyone "Come In, Come In" and he never turned anyone away. His castle was a crowded and happy place with dancers, singer, eaters, and even kissers! Then one day an ogre guy came to the back door of the castle and said that Yonderfel had to pay more money to keep his castle on top of the mountain it was on. Yonderfel did not have the money, since he always gave to others. So the ogre guy took away half of the mountain so that the castle was slanted to the side. At first people tried to pretend not to notice, but soon they all complained, and packed up and left. Yonderfel tried everything to make the money to save his castle so that he could bring all the people back, but he failed, and Yonderfel was sad. So sad that all he did was sit in his empty castle and knit towels. Then one day it began to rain, and it rained, and rained, and rained, until everyone started swimming to Yonderfel's mountain. He saw them coming, gathered up his towels and yelled "Come in, Come in!" Everyone was safe and dry except the ogre guy who was outside begging to come in, and of course because Yonderfel was a good and generous King he let the ogre guy into the castle! But that caused the castle to fall off the mountain top and into the water, so Yonderfel grabbed all his towels and used them as sails, and soon the castle sailed to a new mountain top where they all lived happily ever after. Yonderfel's Castle is a great story about being, kind, forgiving and generous to those around you... even if they are an ogre! See this book listed in our catalog

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Forever Friends

Submitted by Ms. Tess!
I love Forever Friends by Carin Berger. This heartwarming book tells the story of a beautiful blue bird and a playful brown bunny. One morning the bunny wakes up to a glorious song: "Hello! Come play!" and so the bunny does! The bird and bunny play all day long, and become best friends. They play every day through the spring, summer, and fall. But when winter comes, the bird informs the bunny about migration. All winter long the bunny misses the bird, and the bird misses the bunny, but when spring comes again the bird and bunny are reunited (and it feels so good)! The illustrations are very artistic cut-paper collages, made using ephemera. This is a good book for a little one who is about to be temporarily separated from a loved one, or to help explain the changing seasons. See this book listed in our catalog


Submitted by Ms. Tess!
Capitalizing on my admiration for children's literary stalwart Kevin Henkes (last name pronounced HENK-us), and all things with wings, is Birds, written by Henkes, and illustrated by his lovely wife Laura Dronzek. This reads almost like a nonfiction book for very early readers. It's informative, without being boring, educating us on the different colors and sizes birds can be, and the different things they can do, like fly, and sit in trees. It also shares charming anecdotes like: "Once I saw seven birds on the telephone wire. They didn't move and they didn't move and they didn't move. I looked away for a second... and they were gone." Birds are awesome creatures. If your child is as fascinated by our feathered friends as I am, you'll definitely want to check out Birds. Today! See this book listed in our catalog

Hip & Hop, Don't Stop!

Submitted by Ms. Tess!
Jef Czekaj (last name pronounced check-eye), creator of the mini-comic "R2D2 is an Indie Rocker," brings you Hip & Hop, Don't Stop! the story of a rapping turtle and rabbit, Hip and Hop respectively. Hip and Hop live in Oldskool County. Hip lives in Slowjamz Swamp, and Hop lives in Breakbeat Meadow. They both love to rap. Hip raps really slow, and Hop raps really fast! Despite their shared love of music, the two have never met. Animals from the swamp don't really socialize with animals from the meadow, and vice versa. But, one fateful day, in preparation for the county-wide rap-off, the two are united, and become great friends (much to the chagrin of their neighbors). Can Hip and Hop show all their fellow creatures that they can get along too? And who will be crowned best rapper in the county? Will it be Hip? or Hop? Jay Zebra? Ludafish? You'll have to read Hip & Hop, Don't Stop! to find out, and I don't think you'll be disappointed! See this book listed in our catalog

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Panda and Polar Bear

Submitted by Ms. Allana!
Panda & Polar Bear by Mathew J Baek. One lives on top of a high cliff where it always snows, the other lives in a bamboo forest. One likes to eat fish, the other, you guessed it, bamboo! What fun they have together when they accidentally meet. They climb, play “follow the leader,” and even end up fishing, since the Polar bear is not too fond of the tough bamboo. They’re different, but the same, and as the story comes to an end, they discover that by playing and working together, the differences between them make their friendship that more special. Wonderfully written and illustrated, this is a beautiful book for pre-school kids. See this book listed in our catalog
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