Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Always, ALWAYS Get My Way

Submitted by Amanda from Lexington Park!
I Always, ALWAYS Get My Way by Thad Kranesky. Emmy is an adorable three year old who gets into trouble left and right. She spills juice on Daddy's pants, but doesn't get in trouble, "after all... she is only three." She "trips" over her brother Tom's toy race car track and destroys it, but gets out of trouble by making a "tiny little scene, and Mom yells at Tom, after all... she is only three." She builds a dollhouse out of her sister Suzie's stuff and Suzie get a time out for not sharing, after all Emmy is only three! She plays pirate queen and buries all her loot ( her brothers boot, she sister's rings, and half the silverware) -- when her Dad finds her, he makes her clean up, even though she is only three! Emmy gets into more and more trouble through out the book until finally Mom has had it. She dresses up her brother's pet lizard, floods the upstairs hall, soaks her sisters shoes, and throws the lizard into her mother's lap. After all that, Emmy is finally punished, possibly until she is four! This is a cute book about being spoiled. It is written in rhyme, and is sure to make you giggle. The great pictures depict all the trouble Emmy gets into, as well as her sweet faces, and the fits she throws to get out of trouble! See this book listed in our catalog

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