Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Turkey for Thanksgiving

Submitted by Carol from Charlotte Hall!
A Turkey for Thanksgiving written by Eve Bunting, and illustrated by Diane de Groat, is a cute story about a Moose family who wants a turkey for Thanksgiving. The Moose family is very excited for the Thanksgiving holiday and they are so happy to have friends joining them. Everything is wonderful, except one thing: Mrs. Moose wants so badly to have a turkey for Thanksgiving this year! Everyone always has a turkey--everyone except them. So Mr. Moose and his friends set out to get a turkey for Thanksgiving. Finally they find Turkey. Turkey, of course, is quite frightened, and he tries hard to get away, but he is caught, and brought home for Thanksgiving dinner. However, to his great surprise and delight, he is a guest at the Moose family table, and not the main course! This is a great story about friendship and love during the Thanksgiving holiday. See this book listed in our catalog

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