Monday, November 16, 2009

Mousie Love

Submitted by Tess from Lexington Park!
Mousie Love by Dori Chaconas, illustrated by Josee Masse, relates the epic romance of Tully and Frill, two house mice. For Tully, it's love at first sight when he first sets eyes on Frill. In fact, the first words he says to her are "Will you marry me?" Frill doesn't say no. She doesn't say yes. She actually doesn't have time to say anything before Tully interjects "Of course! You must be wondering where we'll live." and dashes off to find them a house. Tully proposes multiple times, but before Frill can answer he remembers something else he needs to provide: breakfast (in the form of a fresh muffin), something shiney (a star will suffice nicely) all while escaping the attention of the house cat, of course. Finally Frill gives Tully an answer. What do you think it will be? You'll have to check out Mousie Love to find out! See this book listed in our catalog

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