Saturday, October 3, 2009


Submitted by Amanda from Lexington Park!
Pink by Nan Gregory and Luc Melanson. Vivi is dizzy wanting pink! She wants to have “perfect pink” like the cool, rich girls at her school. They have all the “perfect pink,” she whines to her mother and her father. Vivi’s father is a truck driver, and her mother cleans the halls in the apartment complex they live in. Vivi wants a perfect pink bride doll that she knows she will never afford. So she runs errands all winter for her neighbors to save for the perfect pink bride doll. On a beautiful spring day, Vivi’s mom suggests that the family goes on a "pinknic" in the park. Her Mom makes pink sandwiches, pink tea, and they even stop to buy pink cakes for desert! They make a list of all the things they see that are pink that day. On the way home they stop by the store to see the perfect pink bride doll that Vivi has so desperately been craving and working for, only to find it has been sold. Vivi learns that you can't always have what you want that day--the same day she learns that she has all she wants in her family. It is a great lesson about not getting what you want, and fitting in. It is a great tale for little girls! Plus it is filled with PINK! See this book listed in our catalog

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