Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How Do You Wokka-Wokka?

Submitted by Jill from Leonardtown!
How Do You Wokka-Wokka? by Elizabeth Bluemle is a rhythmic treat with a boppin’ beat. “Some days you wake up and you just gotta wokka… get you dance on.” That’s the case with one youngster who wakes up on a fine morning and sets out through his friendly, culturally diverse city neighborhood to gather up his friends. Each neighbor, when asked the question “How do you wokka-wokka?” shows off their own special dance. Some dance like “flamingos in a flocka,” others like “a clock go ticka-tocka.” As the crowd of dancers grows, the day turns into a rocking, “wokka-wokka party on the block-a” complete with balloons and whole dancing families. You’ve just got to read this book aloud, and follow it up with your own special wokka! See this book listed in our catalog

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