Friday, October 30, 2009

The Big Storm

Submitted by Tammy, driver of the WoW van!
The Big Storm: A Very Soggy Counting Book by Nancy Tafuri. Count along from 1 to 10 as Bird, Mouse, Rabbit, and their friends take shelter from a storm. This book describes a storm, from the dark black clouds gathering, to the wind blowing, leaves swirling, lightning cracking, rain falling, and the rumble of thunder. Children will enjoy counting the animals as they gather in the hill hollow to take cover from the fast approaching storm. The animals find they are all safe together for the night as they wait for the storm to past, but who else is hiding in the hill hollow with them? And what will the animals find when they come out of the hollow after the storm is over? See this book listed in our catalog

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Submitted by Tess from Lexington Park!
I've fallen in love with Loren Long's Otis, the tale of a little tractor that could! Otis the tractor loves his farm. He loves to work! And he especially loves the calf that sleeps in the barn with him. They are best friends! They do everything together, until one day the farmer brings home a bright, shiny, brand new tractor, and Otis is put out to pasture. One day, when the farmer is about to enter her in a baby cow beauty contest, the calf gets stuck in the mud and no one can get her out! No one, that is, of course, except for Otis. Finally the friends are reunited! This story might not make the most sense, but it's full of rich, emotive illustrations that I just can't get enough of. Hopefully you and your child will love Otis too! See this book listed in our catalog

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How Do You Wokka-Wokka?

Submitted by Jill from Leonardtown!
How Do You Wokka-Wokka? by Elizabeth Bluemle is a rhythmic treat with a boppin’ beat. “Some days you wake up and you just gotta wokka… get you dance on.” That’s the case with one youngster who wakes up on a fine morning and sets out through his friendly, culturally diverse city neighborhood to gather up his friends. Each neighbor, when asked the question “How do you wokka-wokka?” shows off their own special dance. Some dance like “flamingos in a flocka,” others like “a clock go ticka-tocka.” As the crowd of dancers grows, the day turns into a rocking, “wokka-wokka party on the block-a” complete with balloons and whole dancing families. You’ve just got to read this book aloud, and follow it up with your own special wokka! See this book listed in our catalog

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Porcupine Named Fluffy

Submitted by Carol from Charlotte Hall!
A Porcupine Named Fluffy written by Helen Lester and illustrated by Lynn Munsinger is a cute story about a porcupine who has been given the name "Fluffy." Fluffy spends his time trying to live up to his name. He tries his hardest to be fluffy, which can be rather difficult for a porcupine. He tries everything from soaking in a bubble bath for hours to covering himself with whipped cream. It's a story about friendship and learning to be yourself. Fluffy finally meets a rhino and learns a valuable lesson. Read and find out if "Fluffy" ever becomes "fluffy." See this book listed in our catalog

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Let's Do Nothing

Submitted by Catherine from Charlotte Hall!
Ever been so tired that you don’t want to do anything? In fact, you just want to do nothing! In Tony Fucile’s Let’s Do Nothing! two little boys are so tired from games, sports, baking, coloring, and every other thing they can think of, they decide to just do nothing. While the one, Sal, is able to relax enough to enjoy the prospect of doing nothing, his friend Frankie is less settled. Trying to imagine himself a statue in central park leads to shooing pigeons, and being a tree in the forest makes for a wet situation with a puppy. In the end, the boys decide that maybe doing something is just a bit more fun, especially with a friend. See this book listed in our catalog

Bartleby Speaks

Submitted by Catherine from Charlotte Hall!
Crickets chirp, the wind blows, and birds tweet. But if you’re yelling and carrying on, you’ll never hear any of it. In Bartleby Speaks! written by Robin Cruise, and illustrated by Kevin Hawkes, young Bartleby Huddle simply does not speak. He’s a happy baby, but a relatively quiet one. He’ll coo and chortle, but words just aren’t his thing. As he grows older, his family worries about his lack of words, so they try everything (as loudly as possible) to get young Bartleby to speak. But alas, no amount of opera, cello playing, tap dancing or woofing can convince Bartleby to chime in. But in the end, it’s Bartleby that teaches his family that you need to stop and listen to really have something to say. See this book listed in our catalog

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Henry and the Crazed Chicken Pirates

Submitted by Sue from Leonardtown!
Henry & the Crazed Chicken Pirates by Carolyn Crimi and illustrated by John Manders. The Buccaneer Bunnies are back with another adventure starring Henry and the crew of the Salty Carrot! Henry finds a message in a bottle. The message isn’t friendly at all, and Henry is worried. The rest of the crew is busy playing games, like coconut bowling, and sail swinging, when Henry tries to tell them about the note. “Stop worrying about that old note,” says Black Ear. Henry can't, and starts reading everything he can about it. Soon he has enough information to start his own book, which he calls “Henry’s Plan for Impending Danger from Unknown Enemy Who Wrote the Scary Note.” When crazed chicken pirates finally arrive, Henry must warn everyone and save the day using his own advice from his book! Does Henry’s book help? Will the crew be saved? And what will happen to the crazed chicken pirates? If you like adventure and pirate stories, join Henry and the crew of the Salty Carrot for a swashbuckling good story. Arrrrr! See this book listed in our catalog

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Treasure Bath

Submitted by Melissa from Lexington Park!
The Treasure Bath, by Dan Andreasen, is an imaginative tale of a little boy who is disappointed about "bath time." The book begins with a little boy helping his mother with baking. As you can imagine, little ones and baking can create one big mess. So, off to bath time he goes, glumly of course. Through vivid illustrations, and imagination, you will journey with the boy as he discovers a bath tub sea of interesting characters! They lead him to a map, and then a treasure chest. Inside the chest... well, you'll just have to check out the book in order to know the rest! It’s a “giggly” twist, ending in sweet surprise! Picture books without any words have always been a personal favorite. These wordless tales encourage imaginative thinking, and allow your child to develop their own words to the story. This sort of imaginative story telling actually encourages the development of narrative skills and sequential learning. See this book listed in our catalog


Submitted by Tess from Lexington Park!
Ted is a really cute book by Tony DiTerlizzi, the fabulous co-author/illustrator of the Spiderwick Chronicles. In this story, a young boy who feels neglected by his father finds solace in an "imaginary" friend, a large raspberry-colored, rabbit-like creature named Ted. Ted has a lot of ideas of ways to have fun, starting with a harmless game called Monopoly-Twister, but soon evolving to more destructive activities like giving each other haircuts, or turning dad's study into an indoor swimming pool. Finally the boy's father forbids him to play with Ted ever again! Ted lets us in on a little secret though: when Father was little, he had an imaginary friend named "Ned" who his father forbid him to play with... If your child has an imaginary friend, they will probably relate to Ted, which I think is loosely based on DiTerlizzi's own childhood! See this book listed in our catalog

The Composer Is Dead

Submitted by Tess from Lexington Park!
The Composer Is Dead is a wonderful book by Lemony Snicket, illustrated by Carson Ellis, and featuring music by Nathaniel Stookey! As the title indicates, the composer is, well, decomposing, and it's up to one handsome and intelligent inspector to find the culprit. He will question the entire orchestra! Is the murderer lurking in the strings? No--they were performing waltzes all night. How about the woodwinds? Inspector thinks they're pretty sneaky until the clarinets compliment the shiny buttons on his jacket. It might be the brass! But they were off playing important songs, as they boisterously proclaim. It must be the conductor! Wherever you find a conductor you find a dead composer! Beethoven, Bach, Brahms--all dead! Actually, anyone who plays an instrument is guilty of butchering a composer every now and then... If you want justice, go to the police, "but those who want something a little more interesting should go to the orchestra!" See this book listed in our catalog

Monday, October 5, 2009


Submitted by Allana from Leonardtown!
Snow by Cynthia Rylant. Before you open this book, you may want to put on a jacket, and maybe a hat and some gloves, because as you read this lovely book, you’ll feel like diving into a pile of snow. You may also feel the urge to make snow angels, or engage in a snowball fight! Using simple but flowing language, Cynthia Rylant has created a wonderful wintry scene, and the illustrations, although chilly and icy in appearance, will warm your heart. “The best snow is the snow that comes softly in the night like a shy friend... this is the snow that brings you peace.” One of my favorite illustrations is the one with all the children’s faces at the window, with snowflakes billowing around creating a frosty frame. Gorgeous! I love the contrasting images of the cozy inside with the glittering landscape of snow covered hills and trees outside. This is a wonderful book for any season! See this book listed in our catalog

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Chicken Dance

Submitted by Tess from Lexington Park!
You're invited to a barnyard talent show in Chicken Dance by Tammi Sauer, illustrated by Dan Santat. The grand prize? Tickets to see Elvis Poultry in concert! Oh, the chickens want to win so badly! Unfortunately, the ducks win every year. But for Elvis they have to try! But what are they good at? They can't bowl, or juggle, or walk on tight rope. They can't even fly or swim like other birds! When it's time to finally hit the stage, they've completely run out of ideas. They decide to "wing it," and just be themselves! They "bawk and roll" all over the stage. Suddenly, Elvis is in the building! "You chicks rocked!" he says, "You had me all shook up." Then he asks them tour with him as back up dancers! This book is delightful, and be sure to check out the hilarious author and illustrator bios in the back! See this book listed in our catalog

Dinosaur Woods

Submitted by Tess from Lexington Park!
Dinosaur Woods: Can Seven Clever Critters Save Their Forest Home? by George McClements will appeal to all the environmentally aware children (0r their parents). It's about a crew of woodland creatures whose home is soon to be destroyed for the sake of building a plastic tree factory. They try to speak up to those responsible, but of course are not understood. Finally they are inspired to build a life-like semi-robotic dinosaur! No one will mess with their forest if they see a terrifying dinosaur lives there! The plan backfires, when even more humans show up, now to study the dinosaur. What will happen when it's revealed that the dino is a fake being run by a seemingly ordinary fox, bear, snake, bird, deer, and pair of rabbits? You'll have to read to find out! See this book listed in our catalog


Submitted by Amanda from Lexington Park!
Pink by Nan Gregory and Luc Melanson. Vivi is dizzy wanting pink! She wants to have “perfect pink” like the cool, rich girls at her school. They have all the “perfect pink,” she whines to her mother and her father. Vivi’s father is a truck driver, and her mother cleans the halls in the apartment complex they live in. Vivi wants a perfect pink bride doll that she knows she will never afford. So she runs errands all winter for her neighbors to save for the perfect pink bride doll. On a beautiful spring day, Vivi’s mom suggests that the family goes on a "pinknic" in the park. Her Mom makes pink sandwiches, pink tea, and they even stop to buy pink cakes for desert! They make a list of all the things they see that are pink that day. On the way home they stop by the store to see the perfect pink bride doll that Vivi has so desperately been craving and working for, only to find it has been sold. Vivi learns that you can't always have what you want that day--the same day she learns that she has all she wants in her family. It is a great lesson about not getting what you want, and fitting in. It is a great tale for little girls! Plus it is filled with PINK! See this book listed in our catalog

Applesauce Season

Submitted by county youth coordinator Janis!
Applesauce Season by Eden Lipson. Applesauce season begins when school starts. This is a perfect read-aloud book with great cadence. A little boy tells the story, and he talks about different varieties of apples and how each makes a unique kind of applesauce. In the city, where this little boy lives, there are no apple trees, but the family goes to the farmers’ market to get the apples to make applesauce. The little boy tells how they choose the apples, chop them up, and then cook, grind and finally taste the applesauce. With the descriptive language you can almost smell the apples cooking. At the end of the story there is a recipe for making applesauce. What a wonderful way to help your child be ready to learn to read by making applesauce and talking through the steps involved! See this book listed in our catalog

Wow Said the Owl

Submitted by county youth coordinator Janis!
Wow! Said the Owl by Tim Hopgood. This is a story of a little owl that is determined to see what the world looks like during the day. The little owl discovers beautiful colors—red butterflies, orange flowers, white clouds, and green leaves. This book is the perfect read-aloud to for curious little ones who are exploring the world of color for the first time. After reading this book, take a walk with your child. Discover all the different colors in your neighborhood. Talking to your child about these colors is a great pre-reading activity. See this book listed in our catalog
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