Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Giant Hug

Submitted by Jill from Leonardtown!
The Giant Hug by Sandra Horning. “What do you want to send Granny for her birthday?” Asks Owen’s mother. “A GIANT hug,” is Owen’s answer. But the birthday gift has to go by mail. Does Owen mean he’ll send a picture of a hug? No, young Owen intends to send a real hug through the mail. So, his mother takes him to the post office, where they give Postmaster Nevin Granny’s address, and a giant hug. The hug is transferred along a long chain of postal workers all across the country, brightening everyone’s day in the process, until Granny’s own neighborhood letter carrier finally delivers Owen’s giant hug. Granny is delighted, and mails an equally special thank-you back to her grandson! Young readers will love seeing how the hug (and other mail) progresses through the postal network via neighborhood carriers, small-town and big-city post offices, a variety of trucks, and even an airplane to arrive at its destination.

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