Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In Our Mothers' House

Submitted by Tess from Lexington Park!
In Our Mothers' House is the latest from celebrated children's author and illustrator, Patricia Polacco. Reportedly, Polacco was always interested is writing about a book about a non-traditional family, but was spurred into action while visiting a school, and hearing a teacher tell a child who was adopted by two women, that she did not "come from a real family." Polacco modeled the family in this story after that school girl's family: Two mothers, with three adopted children, and based her illustrations on her own family (her daughter Traci, and Traci's partner Nikki, posed as the mothers). In the story we witness family events such as holidays, new puppies, treehouse building, and visits with grandparents. Gay rights are only addressed briefly. The true focus of the story is the love of the mothers for their children.

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  1. My husband read this one to our daughter... when I asked him what she thought of it, he said that she enjoyed it and the "tough" subject didn't seem to faze her one bit :)


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