Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Submitted by Amanda from Lexington Park!
Stanza byJill Esbaum. Stanza is a book written in rhyme about a dog that is a bully by day but who, in the middle of the night, snakes off and writes poetry. Stanza is afraid that his talent will be discovered by his brothers, as well as his victims, and they will see it as a weakness, so he keeps it a secret from everyone. But then one day he sees an ad for a competition to write a jingle for Snappers Treats. Stanza stays up all night writing a jingle, and then the next morning he turns it in. Stanza dreams of winning first prize and buying lots of chicken pot pies. Stanza is so nervous that he checks everyday to see if he won …will he win or lose? And either way what will his brothers say when they discover his softer side? This is a very cleverly written book that will engaged readers with its words and illustrations.

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