Monday, July 6, 2009

The Magic Pillow

Submitted by Chad from Charlotte Hall!
The Magic Pillow written & illustrated by Demi. “Once upon a time in China” begins this adaptation of a Shen Jiji’s short story by award winning children’s book author Demi. Ping, who comes from a poor family, is the central character. He is forced to find shelter at an inn during a snowstorm. At the inn, he meets a wonderful magician who can conjure up dragons and trees of diamonds. Ping tells the magician he is not satisfied with his life and his family’s poverty. The magician gives Ping a magic pillow and tells him, “Go to sleep on this pillow and all your wishes will come true!” Will Ping’s wishes for a better life come true? Colorful illustrations of ancient Chinese culture make for a beautiful presentation of Shen Jiji’s 8th century story.

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